About Reining for Hope Foundation

Believing in the power of uniting horses with people and founded in 2016, Reining Hope LLC and Reining for Hope Foundation, a 501c3 non profit, were created as experiential forms of therapy, activities and learning modalities to expand and deepen personnel development, physical and core strength by incorporating horses in a non traditional manner. What makes us unique is a variety of equine assisted programs and activities offered that teach basic horsemanship along with promoting social skills, mental health, physical well being, emotional health in a fun and safe setting! 

Reining 4 Hope, LLC

Our story

In November, 2014 Karen Cahill discovered the healing power and therapeutic value that comes from the simple interaction with a horse. She was seriously injured and spent several weeks in the hospital followed by a recovery period of eight weeks. Karen was not able to ride her horse and she still found, however, that spending time, on the ground with her horse had amazing therapeutic and emotional value! In the presence of her 16.2 hand Georgian Grande horse she felt calm, collected and able to connect with him in a way that changed her thinking patterns, behavior and ultimately, her life. After researching, she found a novel and growing modality that connects horses with people called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. Karen was excited to share this novel approach and started her company, Reining Hope, LLC in June 2016 after becoming certified as an Equine Specialist by the EAGALA organization. In addition to Reining Hope LLC she also created the Reining for Hope Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit in March 2020. Karen’s passion remains helping others through safe, meaningful and fun interactions with amazing horses!

Our Programs

  • Horses for therapy & psychotherapy
  • Personal development
  • Equine assisted learning
  • Therapeutic horsemanship
  • Corporations
  • Coming Soon -- Watch for it!
    Mounted Riding Lessons for Beginners and Intermediate Riders!
older lady with horse - smiling

Meet our Team Members

Meet Karen Cahill - MBA

Karen is founder and president of Reining Hope LLC and the Reining for Hope Foundation located in Olmsted Township, Ohio.  Karen earned her BA degree from the Ohio State University and her MBA from Baldwin Wallace University.  Much of her professional career has been spent in corporate team building, sales and marketing in various areas of the county including California, Nevada, Illinois, Ohio and Boston. She is fluent in facilitating and teaching groups and individuals.  She is certified as an Equine Specialist through EAGALA and is working on her second year with PATH to earn her therapeutic riding instructor certificate and mental health certificate. She volunteers as a horse lead and side walker in premier equine therapy organizations including Camp Cheerful and Fieldstone Farms.  A lifelong horse enthusiast, she continues to ride and enjoy horses!

Laras website photo

Meet Lara Waldenmaier

Lara is a Professional Clinical Counselor in the Cleveland/Akron Area - Lara earned her BS degree in Psychology from the University of Evansville and her Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. She has an Independent Licensure as an Ohio Licensed Professional Counselor. She has worked with many groups of people including college students, visiting internationals and expats, couples (in various stages from the blissfully engaged to those in troubled and abusive marriages), job seekers, adults with mental illness including schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, and panic disorder with agoraphobia, the care-dependent elderly, the rehabbing, the brain-injured and people seeking support and direction for life's transitions, daily struggles and spiritual questions. Lara is also credentialed under the EAGALA organization as a Mental Health Specialist and has worked with several EAGALA treatment teams in Northeast Ohio.

Meet Russ Saddler

Russ is the barn manager and horse trainer for Reining Hope.  He grew up in Baltimore, MD where his father, Robert Saddler, was certified as a hot walker for thoroughbred horses in racetracks located in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia. Russ grew up interacting with professional jockeys and horse owners.  He also hot walked at times along with daily grooming, watering and feeding thoroughbred horses. Russ was also trail guide at Gun Powder Stables in MD for many years. It was while working with these beautiful and athletic horses that he realized how sensitive, intelligent and the rich array of emotions including anger, joy and grief these amazing animals have and he was able to connect with them unlike any other animal. He has owned several horses and continues to ride and work with horses.


Meet Devin Sponseller

Communications and Social Media Manager

Devin is the Social Media Manager for Reining Hope. She earned her BA degree in Environmental Studies from Allegheny College and has worked as a project coordinator and permit writer since graduation. Devin has been learning about horses and equine therapy through Reining Hope and enjoys spending time with all of the amazing ponies and horses. Seeing Reining Hope students learn and grow throughout equine classes has been a rewarding experience and sharing pictures and stories through social media is a way to bring the beauty of equine assisted healing with so many.

Meet Our Equine Team Members


Meet Dumpling!

Dumpling is our sweet Mare Quarter Horse who came to Reining for Hope from Xenia, Ohio. She was used in 4 H classes and trail riding.

Meet Bonnie & Clyde!

Reining for Hope acquired this adorable family of ponies along with the farm. Bonnie is a paint pony and Clyde is a stallion pony. Racer is their baby and he celebrated his first birthday May 16 2021. Clyde loves children and teenagers and Racer will be ready for riding in about two years. He is extremely curious and loves to interact with people on the ground in the meantime!


Meet Secret & Lacy!

Meet our adorable miniature horses! Lacy is the silver dun mini and Secret, the black and white paint, is her partner. Reining for Hope purchased this bonded pair from St. Francis Farms Horse Rescue in Lodi Ohio.

Meet our yearling, Racer!

Racer was born on the farm in May 2020. His parents are Bonnie and Clyde. Just as his name implies, Racer loves to run and show off his fast moves in the pasture!


"I love the relationship between people, children and horses, big and small.  One learns a lot from the horses.  Attend Reining Hope's sessions one time and will be back for more caring, healing, love, and fun!" 

- Julie H.