Reining 4 Hope, LLC
Reining 4 Hope, LLC

Welcome to the Reining for Hope Foundation 501c3 and Reining Hope LLC

Nestled among Woodgate Farms Estate Homes and tucked away from the stressors of daily living, located on land once ridden by the First People of Ohio, we offer you a fun and unique way to interact with horses.

Introducing the Reining for Hope Foundation 501c3, offering an intelligent, interactive and fun series of Equine Assisted programs including ground based riding instruction and horsemanship lessons, activities, learning and more!  We also offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, a cutting edge type of therapy that pairs an equine, a client, a licensed mental health professional and an equine specialist working together to meet our clients’ goals.

Our programs are held at the newly created farm, An Urban Retreat, located on three acres near historic, picturesque and beautiful Olmsted Falls, Ohio.

Step back into time as you begin to interact with our gentle and friendly horses in a barn that dates from 1893 located behind a renovated historical farmhouse.

What makes us unique is that we offer a wide array of equine assisted programs and classes. We are NOT a large boarding barn with many individuals and groups arriving and departing at various times throughout the day, evenings and weekends. There is plenty of privacy to relax and reflect and enjoy as you interact and learn from these majestic animals.

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Empower. Unplug. Connect.
Discover your true self.


Strength. Peace. Equilibrium.
Make meaningful changes.

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Passion. Fulfillment. Self-expression.
Increase your capacity for joy.

Our approach: experiential therapy with grace

Equine therapy enables you to take control of your life while improving your physical and emotional well being. It's easy to feel overwhelmed when there is no respite from the cumulative effects of stress. When you partner with a horse, your central nervous system grows calmer and provides a pathway to finding your way back to your best self.

Reining for Hope Foundation offers cutting edge experiential therapy with our trained horses and skilled team. This collaboration takes place in a natural, non-judgemental, and peaceful setting. We are committed to offering best-in-class support to people dealing with any number of circumstances:

  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Autism
  • Communication Challenges
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Developmental Delay
  • Grief
  • Relationship issues
  • PTSD
  • Personal and professional development
  • Self-discovery
  • Self – esteem
  • Team building

Transformational equine-assisted therapy

Whether you want to improve your personal or professional life, the Reining for Hope Foundation is here to support you. Our methods guide your transformation to find freedom—from relationship problems, mental health issues, addictions, and other self-defeating behaviors.

There are many stressors that can increase levels of depression and anxiety. Without necessary care and support, life starts to feel unmanageable.

Our goal is to help you attain better self-control, increased confidence, and the knowledge that assuming responsibility for your actions is a fundamental step to well-being.

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We serve

For a complimentary consultation call (216) 644-3800.

Learn how the power of equine therapy can help improve your perspective and sense of well being. We serve the communities in the greater Cleveland area as well as the following counties: Cuyahoga, Geauga, Portage, Medina, Lorain and Lake.

"I attended a training session at the barn for Reining Hope. Karen Cahill and her staff are very professional, caring, and knowledgeable. After instructions from the staff and working with the horses, there is an obvious sense of self and connection between the horse and the individual working with the horse. The horse reacts directly with you and, without verbal commands, attunes to your movements. There is a sense of calmness and mindfulness, which requires presence and attention all at the same time. There is great benefit working with these horses for so many reasons."

- Debra D